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Floating Docks

Floating docks are a durable solution to compensate for changing water levels across Canada lakes and waterways. We customize a dock system to suit your shoreline and the type of recreation you use your waterfront for; whether it’s to park a boat or if your dock is the spot to spend your summer holidays, we will design a system right for you.

Often a combination system with a permanent steel pile shore section, access ramp and floating dock will ensure your dock is at the perfect height season after season. With the proper planning and engineering, we have built these dock systems to support a boathouse or boat port on waterways with fluctuating levels.


Steel Tube floating docks

Steel Tube Floating Docks are ideal for areas with high exposure and fluctuating water levels. These docks are custom fabricated and can be designed to suit almost any shoreline. Various customization options are available, ranging from dock configuration to steel tube thickness.

These docks are heavy duty and are made to withstand Canada’s seasons. It is the most robust stable floating dock system we offer. Finish options include wood, composite or Azek PVC decking.

high density polyethylene floating docks

High Density Polyethylene Floating Docks are well suited for shorelines with minimal exposure. They are a cost effective solution to target changing water levels and make a great addition to your waterfront. 

High Density Polyethylene Floating Docks are also available in nearly any configuration imaginable. They can be designed and customized to fit almost any shoreline, and finished with cedar or pressure treated wood.