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Parks Canada is reviewing regulations and policies

Currently the public consultation period is open, let Parks Canada know what you think!

We have a unique opportunity to provide feedback before Parks Canada drafts new policies but time is limited. Below is a copy of our summary letter detailing this process as well as copies of supporting information provided by Parks Canada on the topic.

Email comments to permis-permits@pc.gc.ca by early November 2018.

We were invited to attend a meeting titled “Stakeholder Engagement Session on Parks Canada’s Land Use Planning Permit Process” and met with representatives from Parks Canada’s national office, where we were informed that Parks Canada is reviewing the permit process nation wide and that they would like our feedback, at this meeting we discussed the current regulations and permit process for the Trent Severn Waterway at great length.

Taylor Docks circulated a notice summarizing the events shortly after the meeting, but have since been informed that the policies for the Trent Severn Waterway are not directly being reviewed. Notwithstanding, the framework that the TSW policies are based on is being overhauled and the background information and discussion papers provided by Parks Canada indicates that their review could be applied directly to the TSW and so we still encourage all interested parties to voice their concerns, comments and feedback about the Trent Waterway by emailing permis-permits@pc.gc.ca

Taylor Docks Summary Letter

Presentation to Stakeholders

Trent Severn Waterway Policies

National Planning Permit Process Backgrounder

National Planning Permit Process Discussion Paper

You can read about it directly from Parks Canada’s web page here.

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