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Our work can be spotted across Canada’s many shores. We specialize in waterfronts, from docks, decks and boathouses to landscaping, barging, dredging and blasting projects. Our hands on personalized approach contribute to creating the waterfront of your dreams. We’d love to discuss what you envision for your ideal summer getaway spot.

Dock systems not only enhance property value, the summertime call of the great outdoors will often turn docks and waterfront decks into the core of your home or cottage. They become the living room, dining area, rec room and even the daytime nap area.

Our attention to detail, skilled workmanship, business experience and the pride we take in our work guarantee that each project truly is your imagination taken shape. If you can imagine it we can help take care of the rest, from the design process through engineering, permitting and project completion.

Taylor Docks Incorporated is a Canadian Welding Bureau certified company. Our retained engineer, design crew and knowledgeable staff ensure that each project adheres to the provincial building code, safety standards, municipality by-laws and other governing authority’s mandates.

Conveniently located on route to Muskoka, our outdoor display on the northbound side of Highway 400, just before Port Severn, makes us easy to spot. Renovations have just been completed on our new showroom to offer an array of finishes for your project.